What makes you to fly to India? part 2

In previous blog post we wrote about how many famous pilgrimage in North India. We mentioned few of them but counting is too long. If count every religious place in India than this blog would be my book with the name of “Holy Journey of India” Anyway in last post we mentioned very famous and religious places.

Today we will discussed about some very famous and religious place of Maharashtra

Mumbadevi Temple (Mumbadevi Marg, Bhuleshwar): Mumba devi temple dedicated to the goddess Mumba whom name given to mumbai city. The Koli fisherman believed that Mumba Devi inhabitants in Mumbai, they worship the goddess and built temple for her.

Mumba Devi

Babulnath Temple(Babulnath Road, Malabar Hill, near Marine Drive, south Mumbai. Opposite the Bombay International School): It is the ancient temple of Lord Shiva in the form of Babul tree. This temple was built in 1780. This temple placed above the 1000 feet of sea level. This temple crowded at Monday.

Babulnath Temple

Haji Ali (Central south Mumbai, just off the coast of Worli): Haji is both Mosque and tomb. It was built by a wealthy and Muslim saint Haji ali sha bukhari. This place contains his body. Its placed in the middle of the ocean. Unfortunately there is no place for women to enter for worship.


Mahalaxmi Temple (Bhulabhai Desai Marg, Breach Candy, south Mumbai.): This temple is one of the oldest temple of Goddess Laxmi (symbol of wealth and prosperity) which built in 1782 to remove all the problems and bring some good fortune.

Mahalaxmi Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple (Corner of Kakasaheb Gadgil Marg and S.K. Bole Marg Prabhadevi): Do you have any wish that you want granted? Come visit the siddhivinayak temple.  This temple welcomes everyone. This temple was built in 1801 with supports of politicians and Bollywood stars. It is richest and grandest temple in Mumbai.

Siddhivinayak Temple




What makes you to fly to India? part 1

What you think about India?

India is the country known for its colorful aesthetics,cultural heritage, delicious cuisines and warm hospitality of the people. Add to that the diversity in culture and nature’s bounty, and you have the perfect place to visit for a vacation. From the high snow-capped mountains of the north to the green backwaters of the south, from the warm deserts on the west, to the lovely tea-gardens of the north-east – there is hardly any place on the earth with so much to offer.

When to visit

Winter months are always the better option to visit India, since the summers all-over the country except the high mountains are extreme. September to April is a reasonable time to book a trip to India. But if you want to go in summer, Taj travel, Bookotrip, Expedia offers cheap flights to India during the off season with slashed prices.

Things to do 

Your tour itinerary will depend largely on which state or city you are visiting, since there are so many and each of them have something unique to offer. But there are some things that more or less all of them have in common. Make sure you do not miss the Islamic structures in North India, and the Dravidian forts and temples while in South India. Almost all the major cities have some prominent religious places, as well as other attractions like zoos, museums and monuments.

Traveling tips

When in India, you should always remember to:

  • Carry cash with you, but not in large amounts
  • Keep water and umbrella in your bag because the heat can be dangerous
  • Take help from the locals. They can be much more useful in giving directions and sharing stories than the internet
  • Book your  cheap flights to India from Taj Travel for special discounts.

Places to Visit:

India is filled with various culture , traditions, religions and cultural heritages.

Cultural heritage of India by location:

  1. North India: North India covers Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand (The land of God or Dev Bhoomi देवभूमि in Hindi), Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana ,Delhi ,Rajasthan ,Uttar Pradesh.

Pilgrimage in North India(Not All):

  • Vaishno Devi, Katra, Jammu & Kashmir: Its is a cave temple of around 1584.96 m(5200 F) of elevation. The location of the temple is around 14 KM from Katra on slop mountain. There is various transportation are available from Katra to Bhavan (Temple) including Ponies, Electric vehicles and paalkhis operated by 4 persons. Helicopter services are also available up to Sanjichhat, which is 9.5 km from Katra.

Mata Vaishno Devi

  • Amarnath Temple, Pahalgam, Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir: Amarnath is also a cave temple and is situated at an altitude of 3,888 m (12,756 ft), about 141 km (88 mi) from Srinagar. It is Important temple of Hindus of all around the world. the cave is covered by snow mountain most of the year and open for devotees of India in a year. Snow melts in the Himalayas above the cave and the resultant water seeps into the rocks that form the cave and gradually wanes thereafter.

Amarnath Temple

  • Badrinath, Chamoli, Uttrakhand: According to the Bhagavata Purana, “There in Badrikashram the supreme being (Vishnu), in his incarnation as the sages Nara and Narayana



  • Golden Temple(Harminder Sahib), Amritsar, Punjab, India:

Harminder Sahib


To Be Continue

Which Airlines Providing Online FIFA World Cup Streaming in Midair?

Only in the second the time the FIFA world cup history, users can stream live match in mid air on some airlines but only those with entertainment systems that offer the channel Sport 24.

Airlines that offering live streaming:

  1. AeroMexico
  2. Air Italy
  3. American Airlines
  4. ANA
  5. Emirates
  6. Etihad
  7. Garauda Indonesia
  8. HongKong Airlines
  9. Lufthansa
  10. Qatar Airways
  11. Thai
  12. Turkish Airlines
  13. WestJet

We are missing something?

Yes because there is other airlines which not providing live FIFA matches but providing WiFi so that you can check your score on phone but that not that fast, so don’t have big expectations.

  1. Icelandair
  2. Southwest
  3. Virgin Atlantic
  4. Emirates
  5. Delta


3 Reasons Why Economy Class Flights is The Best Option

Are you a travel junkie like us? We know how hard it gets to give up the temptation to travel all day and all year around especially, now that the flight reservations are expensive. But nothing should stop you from traveling, not even monetary constraints. We have got you covered. Economy class flights are the solution to all of our travel problems. They are the best option for any person like us who wants to travels but finds air fare super expensive. Here is a list of six reasons as to why economy class flights are the best option:

Book Cheap Flight


Flight reservations are easily available for economy class flights. You do not need to surf the internet for a long time or speak to your agent to book the tickets. Airline seats become available about eleven months in advance. Find out when you can get the cheapest deals and book the tickets as soon as possible. There are also a lot of categories available to you to choose from. There are a lot of budget friendly categories that will help you save a lot of money. You must book well in advance to get a great deal.

Comfortable Seats


Even if most of the seats in economy class flights leave you all huddled up between the people you are sitting next to, you can still get some extra space easily. When you book the tickets, make sure that you get the benefits of an exit row seat, and many extra centimetres of leg room. If you have already booked a flight ticket, you can always ask at the check in desk if that seat is available. This hack is helpful in taking comfort in economy class flights one notch higher, especially in long haul flights.

Best Airfare


Even though business class flights tempt us with their luxury and services, they are almost always way out of our budget. Economy class flights have tickets for all of us. Trust me when I say that they are the cheapest class flights ever. Economy class flights have great deals and are a lot less expensive. Their services are getting better each day and soon they will become as good as business class flights at prices that all of us can afford.

Economy class flights are the perfect option for any person who is almost always broke like us as they have great services at cheaper prices.

How do get a copy of my boarding pass for past flight?

boarding pass is the document that shows you have purchased an airplane seat and as such should be allowed onto the flight. If you just had paper boarding pass and you lost it, then you could be in serious trouble.


Fortunately, with electronically issued boarding passes you can replace your boarding pass easily, and even reference or print out copies of past boarding passes from older flights in case you need them.


Ask for an electronic boarding pass to be sent to your email when you purchase your ticket, or when you go through your travel agent. In order to save paper and to make it more convenient for travelers, most airlines offer electronic passes that are emailed to passengers on purchase.

Save the electronic boarding pass in your email. The pass doesn’t get deleted or removed after the flight, so leave a copy in your account. Or, alternatively, save it on your computer or phone so that you have it with you and can print out more copies.

You can get all information from here.


More information

Vacation Vegas- Quick Tips for an Affordable Trip

Vacationing at Las Vegas is probably what everyone wishes for. With the colourful streets and the soulful nights Vegas is just the perfect vacation destination. From young friends to newlyweds Vegas is a destination for all.

But Vegas is definitely not a cheap vacation spot. With the high rates in food, accommodation and other fun things, vacationing Vegas is no the cheapest option. Because the place being popular the demand for cheap vacations always high. While you go out and choose the most suitable package know these quick tips for making your trip an affordable one:

  • Visit Vegas when it’s slow– Vegas is all crowded almost throughout the year except for the months of July, August and the mid December just before the Christmas fest. Visiting Vegas during these months can be really low cost. The fun and the colours remain the same with decreased prices. So why not try that!


  • Know that alcohol is free– yes! It’s true. In Vegas, the alcohol is complimentary once you enter a casino. So do not buy, it’s just free. Save here and spend it on other areas.


  • Flying to Vegas is not really a costly option– with good packages you can also get good deals on the flight ticket packages as well. Ask your agent before to avail the best rates. You might be lucky to fly at a cost lower than cost of a road trip to Vegas.


Vegas can really be pocket friendly if you know the right hacks. To get the best and cheap vacation packages always compare between more than two travel companies. But the easiest and the best way to have an affordable trip to Vegas is by booking our Vegas packages. From accommodation to air tickets we complete your cheap Vegas vacationing dream.

Tips to Book Last Minute Flights Online and Stretch Your Money

Searching the flight details, destinations, availability and prices is indeed a tiring job. The busy people usually don’t have that much time to visit different platforms and collect the flight details to book a tailored triQuop. Well, everything is possible at a single place now. The online trip booking sites are one of the best things happened with the rise in technology. You can search flights, compare last minute airline tickets and book your custom trips all at the same place. And, you can save big money too on every trip.

No need to track each and every travel site every moment or keep an eye on the upcoming big occasions to avail the hottest flight deals. The online trip planners not just offer you the last minute cheap flights but help you save your time and enjoy the easy flight booking experience as well. The online trip planners have cut down on the hassle related to booking regular or last minute flights.

With traditional booking, flying to a popular holiday or trading destination was always a big concern as there was no assurance of flight ticket availability and the high airfares were another big factor adding to the stress. The online travel sites add to your flexibility of booking flights. You can access to their avant-grade services round the clock sitting at your home only.

Availing the cheap flights for various destinations in a selection of prestigious flights has become seamless like a dream. And, you can also relish a dedicated customer service regarding all your flight booking queries and complaints. You don’t have to meet a travel expert manually and spend hours discussing your needs or issues. A single click can connect you with a sincere team of trip experts. If you are thinking of an exotic or business trip soon, you can try the leading trip planners and their upgraded services for an unforgettable trip booking experience.

best airfare deals blog

Some Exciting Memorial Day Travel Offers You Don’t Wanna Miss

As every American Knew that This year 28 may is the memorial day. Every one started their vacation plan. What they wanna do, where they wanna go, etc.

I knew that its a long weekend and you folks wanna enjoy that with your family, friends or Solo. But keep in mind, before do any booking do some research and increase chances to get some best offers.

So, today i am gonna tell some exciting offers in America.

  • Cruse Offers:

Norwegian Cruise Line


4-Day Cuba (Overnight) & Bahamas from Miami

Enjoy two full days and an overnight in Havana, with an all-inclusive onboard experience including unlimited drinks.
Starting From
$ 429 USD
Avg Per Person

3-Day Bahamas from Miami – FREE OPEN BAR

Sail on Norwegian Sky and drinks are included! Voted best nightlife – Frommer’s

Starting From


Avg Per Person

  • Flight & vacation Deals: There are some big and new travel agency which providing some very exciting offers on Flights and Vacations. Its better to check some of the website or just register on those website to get offers & deals notifications.



Get 15% Off Your First App Hotel Booking by using code MOB15

Travel ZOO



$59 – Historic Wisconsin Inn through Summer, 55% Off

Audubon Inn
Osage Beach

$89 – Lake of the Ozarks Waterfront Resort at 40% Off

Tan-Tar-A Resort, Golf Club, Marina & Indoor Waterpark


Save Up to $150 on Flight Tickets

Save Up To 25% on All Vacation Packages


Above websites are example of some good website which provides best offers time to time. You can do same to find some exciting offers on this Memorial Day.

Tips to Find The Cheapest Flight Anywhere in the World

It just takes a little bit of planning if you want to travel at a cheap or discount rate to foreign countries. If you can plan earlier then it is possible to get a great deal of cheap flight tickets. There are ways to book the air tickets in advance and that is by searching for flight deals well in advance. The flights on week days are usually expensive hence it is preferable to fly either at night or early in the morning. It is also more convenient if you travel on off season so that you will be eligible for a good amount of discount fare.


The other way to enjoy the international flights is to make an alteration in the route. It might be very convenient if you travel non-stop but it is also very expensive. So to make your flights cheaper, you can book a flight that will have at least one stop. It is also advisable to search for flight deals that will be close to your destination.


The flights that are booked might have variable rates. Therefore you have to compare the discount airfare online. There are many comparison sites where you can find the best tickets that will suit your requirements. Here the advantage is that you will get an opportunity to book tickets as per the flexibility of your dates. The sites also offer you various discounts as per the destination and the time of travel.


The best way to get the benefits of discount air fare is through air tracking services. This will help you to find out when you should buy the air tickets and how to save money. You can also sign up for frequent flyer programs. This will give you an idea of your favourite destinations with any airlines with the help of Cheap Flights Reservation.


Secrets to Booking the Best Flight Deals

Most of us are lazy to look around and as a result, we end up spending too much on flight tickets. We hesitate to spend time looking for the best flight deals that are affordable and easy on the pocket. Some of us don’t believe than getting cheap flights is possible. Following are some listed secrets to booking the airfare deals.

  1. Search one ticket at a time

Search one ticket at a time

Even if you are travelling in a group and need group tickets, search for one ticket at a time. Searching for a group of tickets together makes the automated system show you the highest fare class in all the tickets. While looking for a single ticket will ensure you get the best airline deals.

  1. Book a package

Book a package

If you will need an accommodation along with flight ticket, buying a flight and hotel package together will work out cheaper than booking each one separately. Many hotels tie up with travel portals and offer discounted rates to promote themselves.

  1. Check out an alternate airport


If you are looking for the best flight deals, check out alternate airport rather than the main airport. In fact, this is an option many travellers are unaware of, but it is a great way to get cheaper, more affordable air ticket.

  1. Be prepared to fly off-season


Flying off-season is the best way to get the best airline deals. It is when the season is over and school has started. As the crowd thins, airfare and hotel tariff nosedive. So, plan your vacation for the off-season and end up with fabulous deals.

  1. Don’t shun layovers

Don_t shun layovers

Even though a non-stop flight is comfortable and ideal, they can be pretty expensive. You can save a lot of money if you choose connecting flights with layovers. While it will take you longer to reach your destination, you will not be a burning a hole in your pocket.

Being careful and exploring in the right direction can help you save a lot of your travel expenses. Follow these tips to get the best flight deals for your next vacation.