My Best Tips for Traveling Solo

Go to the Internet to know the basics about your destination – banks, money, personal and other insurance, health, vaccinations, language, important customs, weather conditions, their police system and the law.

There is no need to know everything, just the important basics such as cheap flight to your destination. Search cheap flight with Kayak, BookOtrip, Expedia . It pays to have an idea on most things around.

Get a new email address and mail to yourself all the copies of your important papers (passports and visas, travelers’ check numbers, insurance certificates, medical info, important phone numbers and addresses, etc.) for emergency access, if needed.

The trip

Before packing anything, first make a list on what to bring. From there, you would know what’s necessary and what’s not (right clothes), what’s important (only a jewel item or two and no flashy ones) and what’s redundant (big cities have batteries).

You would know you if you overdid things. You would also know which items to leave out. Keep this list to check on your belongings when you get back home.

Bring a small amount of US dollars (legally acceptable). Most places accept them, in case things go wrong with your cards or your other “cash”. Bring a small medicine bag as your cabinet with emergency medicines (aspirins, diarrhea tablets, water purifiers, etc.) and a first aid kit.

Bring only two or three pieces of travel-size personal items such as soaps, shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste tubes, lotions and perfumes — if your stay is short. If longer, bring some more. It’s more convenient to dispose of empty mini-wrappers and tubes than bringing back big jars home.

If you are going on a nature trip or safari, arm yourself with the right medicine (malaria pills, insect repellents, etc.). A Swiss knife is very useful as is a small duct tape.


Line your backpack with chicken wire inside (deterrent for bag slashers). Buy a fake wallet and fill with fake (or expired) cards, etc for muggers. Hide your money somewhere safe with you.

Take taxis at night, even if it’s just a short trip.

If you are traveling alone, message boards in the internet list other travelers in your area. Traveler pubs and bars are the best places to meet them.

Be careful with the local food. Don’t gorge on them, no matter how delicious. Your stomach need to be used to it. Rotate eating foods you know with those of the local cuisine.

Last words

Not everything is bad in your tourist country. You traveled over there because you liked it and you want to enjoy it. This is the time to do it. This list is simply a reminder for you to be careful.



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Tour of the cultural insights of South India

South India has a very different culture and traditions compared to the Northern Part of India. If you get a chance to visit India, it is always good to explore both the southern and northern part of the country to understand how diverse the culture is. In South India Kochi and Hyderabad are cities that have got very unique culture that can be considered for exploring the culture of South India.

Kochi and Its Cultural Significance

Kochi can offer a tourist with wide array of things to enjoy. Kochi being a metro city has a conglomeration of the culture. The culture of Kochi is also influenced by the colonization.

Kathakali Center

Kathakali center is one of the sites that does proudly stands with the heritage of the city. Kathakali is the art form of Kerala and it can be witnessed and enjoyed well from this city.

Cochin Carnival

Cochin carnival forms the major attraction to visit Kochi during the time of Christmas and New Year. It is the festival that is celebrated in the city with many events like beach bike race, football, volleyball and sea swimming. It started during the time of colonization.


Kochi has a very delightful cuisine that has more of the very light and delicious dishes. It is indeed one of the best menus one should try. The seafood varieties that one get to try in Kochi is also very incredible.

Culture of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is popularly called as the city if Nawabs. It is the place that has a rich history and culture. The city has so many temples, mosques and churches. There are many historic places, art forms and food also to enjoy in the city.


Hyderabad also known as Decanis cuisine. The zesty food of Hyderabad is the major part of its culture. The city is popular for hospitality and the amazing dishes. The famous food in Hyderabad is biryani, Mirchi ka Salan, Mughlai cuisine, Hyderbadi Biryani, Dampokhtak and etc.


The city celebrates navratri, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Ramzan and Dusshera in great pomp and show.

Here I tried to separate them, so an can know very well:

Muslim celebrates Id-ul-Fitr, Id-ul-Zuha, Shab-e-Qadr, Shab-e-Barat and Shab-e-Meraj.

Hindu festivals like Ugadi, Dussehra, Holi, Diwali, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, RamNavami, Bhaidooj, Akshaya Tritiya, Amavasya and Chaturdashi too were celebrated.

Christians celebrate Christmas, New Year, Good Friday and Easter and the Parsiscelebrate Navroz with great enthusiasm.

If you are in Hyderabad, it is possible that you will get a chance to be a part of any one of the following Festivals.


There are so many art centers to enjoy the major art forms of the city of Hyderabad. Some of the forms of arts are Golconda Music and Dance Festival, The Taramati Music Festival, The Premavathi Dance Festival.

Hyderabad and Kochi are the best cities that one should visit for knowing the culture of South India. The Chicago to Kochi flights and the San Francisco to Hyderabad flights can be booked in cheap price with BookOtrip LLC.

99 Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

From practical travel tips to tips for inner travel peace, the following is a long (very long) list of everything we think a female traveler should know in order to get the most out of a travel experience.

And since the list pretty much explains itself, here we go!

1. How to embrace your natural self.
2. Less is more when it comes to packing.
3. You are your own best security alarm.
4. Dressing modest is important in many parts of the world.
5. Dressing modest is about more than following a dress code.
6. You’re braver than you think.
7. A big scarf is your new best friend.
8. It’s all about the accessories.
9. Comfortable walking shoes. Enough said.
10. Confidence speaks volumes.

#12 - Traveling solo is not the end of the world.

11. Traveling with friends is not always the bright and happy adventure you thought it would be.
12. Traveling solo is not the end of the world.
13. Shower flip flops. Always.
14. People are generally helpful across the globe.
15. If you can’t carry your own luggage, you’ve packed too much.
16. The most stressful moments sometimes end up being the best.
17. Communication happens with more than just words.
18. Make an attempt in the local language. It will be appreciated.
19. Your feet were made for walking. They’re the best way to explore a city.
20. If it doesn’t scare you, you’re not human.

#22 - You can survive with less than you think.

21. Money is money. Memories are everything.
22. You can survive with less than you think.
23. Take other traveler recommendations with a grain of salt; we all enjoy different experiences.
24. Respecting the culture comes first.
25. Researching common travel scams can save you from exploitation.
26. That said, travel scams can happen to anyone.
27. Travel is a marathon. Packing in too much too quick will lead to exhaustion.
28. You don’t have to do it all.
29. Live in the moment as much as possible.
30. Put down the technology.

#30 - Put down the technology.

31. Enjoy the journey.
32. Economy class will never be comfortable.
33. Laughter is the best medicine when plans get interrupted, delayed, etc.
34. Plan for jet lag. It’s real!
35. Street food is usually the best food.
36. Layers, layers, layers.
37. Budget travel is great, but small splurges in the name of safety are worth it.
38. Leggings add warmth, modesty, comfort, and style to a travel wardrobe.
39. Ditch the guidebook every once in a while.
40. You will change; people back home will not.

41. Travel friendly snacks. They can alter the course of a long journey.
42. It’s OK to take a vacation from your vacation.
43. The world is a freaking beautiful place.
44. Falling in love with a place, a culture, a person on the road… is inevitable.
45. Women just aren’t treated the same in some countries.
46. There is such a thing as tourist prices.
47. Hostels are excellent places to find new travel friends.
48. You’re never more than a plane ticket from home.
49. Homesickness happens.
50. You don’t need as much make-up as you think.

Speaking of hostels, you can search and book for places to stay on Click here to search now. Or, try an BookOtrip!

#50 - You don't need as much makeup as you think.

51. A Skype call to someone back home can make a big difference.
52. Leave the hair dryer at home.
53. Learn how to haggle.
54. Realize when it’s not worth haggling.
55. People at home will tell you it’s too dangerous to travel (solo or otherwise). It’s not.
56. It’s ok to change your plans, stay somewhere longer, or leave earlier if you want.
57. A book is a great dinner companion.
58. A digital book is even better for packing.
59. Take lots of pictures.
60. But don’t spend your travel time posting them all to Facebook.

#61 - Travel makes you more confident.

61. Travel will make you more confident.
62. If you get overwhelmed, stop and take a deep breath.
63. You can’t prepare for everything.
64. Don’t expect things in other countries to be like they are at home.
65. The overnight bus/train/plane is not always worth the savings.
66. Use sunscreen.
67. Wear a hat in the sun, even if you hate hats.
68. Try the Diva Cup.
69. It’s not a fashion show.
70. Don’t plan too much. Lots of great experiences come out of spontaneity.

#70 - Don't plan too much.

71. Show up early for the bus, train, or plane.
72. But be prepared to wait from time to time.
73. Always carry tissues in your pocket or purse.
74. The art of squat toilets.
75. The art of saying no, and meaning it.
76. Plastic bags are a hostel dorm room nightmare.
77. Memories are the best souvenirs.
78. Your passport is worth its weight in gold; protect it.
79. Baggage restrictions vary; do your research in advance to avoid check-in drama.
80. You can never have too many hair ties.

#86 - How to read a map the old fashioned way.

81. A watch is still a handy way to keep track of time (and time differences).
82. Travel with kids is still a possibility.
83. Packing cubes.
84. Alcohol in moderation.
85. Travel insurance may sound like a waste of money, until it’s not.
86. How to read maps the old fashioned way.
87. Leave the valuables at home.
88. Investing in quality travel gear may cost more, but is often more worthwhile in the long-run.
89. Sometimes it’s OK to leave the to-do list at home.
90. Travel inspires creativity and reinvigorates your soul.

#92 - How to follow your own path.

91. How to be open-minded.
92. How to follow your own path.
93. People watching is a cheap way to explore a culture.
94. Don’t drink the water unless you’re sure it’s safe.
95. Airport security is easier when you’re organized.
96. To not set unreal expectations.
97. Get outside your comfort zone.
98. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
99. Travel is what you make of it.

And now, we’d love to know: What would be your #100? Share it below!

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Places to visit in India if you are on a Budget Travel

If you are on a budget travel in India, the best places that one should visit are metro cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai. These cities give you an insight to the culture of India and one can even find places for an accommodation and food within the budget. The Denver to Mumbai flights, Flights From Atlanta To Mumbai, Flights From Chicago To Hyderabad and lot more flights are also available in cheaper rates so that even the travel to the place can be done in cheaper costs.

Exploring Mumbai Cost Effectively

Exploring Mumbai Cost Effectively

Mumbai is the metro city which is popular for the historic and renowned monuments that a traveler should not miss. The major attractions of the city include Chhattrapati Shivaji Terminus, Haji Ali Dargah, Babulnath Temple, Juhu beach etc.

The city also has so many hotels that offer budget accommodation in the city that so that budget travelers can find it easier to stay while exploring the dream city. It is good to check for the available budget hotels and book one before you even plan for the trip.

Mumbai also has a very established public transportation system that connects each and every part of the city. The trains, monorail, taxi, auto rickshaw and buses are available in the city for one to commute around. The public transportation’s are always very cheaper and when you choose auto and taxi, check the reasonable rates so that you do not get ripped off.

Exploring Hyderabad within the Budget

Exploring Hyderabad within the Budget


Hyderabad is a popular city in the southern part of India. It is a popular IT hub and the city also has got many major sites of attractions to enjoy. Golconda Fort, Charminar, QutbShahi Tombs, Shah Ghouse Café, The Sky Kitchen and Chowmahalla Palace and Ramji Rao Film city.

There are so many budget friendly accommodations available in the city which one can choose for staying so that so much of money can be saved. One can rely on the public transportation for a cost effective commute in the city.

There are flights from Atlanta to Hyderabad that are available in cheap rates. It is good to make use of Bookotrip LLC for easy comparisons and also cheaper flight ticket rates.


This is not my story. I ma sharing this story on my blog as i like ideas of it.

The most common question I get about my trip around the world is “How did you save up the money?”

Anddd the second most common question I get is, “How much did you save and spend?”

I actually don’t mind answering these questions at all because these are the main questions I was asking people before taking off on my trip.

So, how did I save $35,000 to travel the world for a year?

I’ll get to all the details on that below! As for the question of how much I spent? Well, I spent all of it.

Every single penny. After 14 months on the road, I really don’t have anything left. Let me explain…

Before my travels, I researched many different blogs and articles to see what the perfect amount would be for a year-long trip.  Most of them recommended somewhere between $14K and $25K for the year. After returning from my travels and having met many amazing people, I’ve learned you don’t even need that much! I met a lot of people who were traveling for longer than a year on $10-14K. It can be done peeps!

I knew I wanted to splurge a bit more on this trip and never wanted to feel super penny pinched, so I saved up more than what was recommended in all the articles and blogs I read. This is because I know myself and I didn’t want to be strapped for cash if something cool came up (and a lot of cool things came up)! 🙂

German Castle

At the time of saving up to travel, I was living in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the USA. If I factor in what I would have spent living in the city for one year, it far exceeds what I spent for 1 year of travel. It’s sometimes nice to put that into perspective! You may actually save money (sort of) when traveling the world!

Some people may be thinking HOLY SHIT that’s a lot of money to save up. Others may think that $35K is chump change. It actually took me about two-ish years age (25-27ish) to save up the $35K.

Here’s how I did it.

Italy1. When I started saving up money, I didn’t have any student loans or debt to my name.

I was lucky enough to not have student loans after going to college and also didn’t have debt on any credit cards or to any people. I’ve always been pretty good at never spending more than I have, so starting to save with a clean slate definitely made things a lot easier.

2. I didn’t own a car while living in San Francisco.

For the entire 5+ years I lived in San Francisco I didn’t have a car or car payment. I would use Zipcar (here’s a $25 off coupon) or borrow my friend Carly’s car when I needed a car, but I honestly haven’t owned a car since high school which has saved up a ton of money!

3. I lived in a rent-controlled apartment with roommates and a shared bathroom.

Living in an apartment with roommates is super common in San Francisco, but it’s expensive to even share a place! My apartment was rent-controlled, meaning the rent hadn’t gone up in 8 years since the original leaseholder moved in. I got super lucky and had a great apartment paying $1300 a month for my room, not including utilities which is really good for San Francisco standards.

4. In the 2 years I started saving, my salary went from 80K to $100K+ a year at my marketing job.

When I started saving for this trip I was making about $80K a year and right before I quit my job, I was making $100K+. I was debating on putting my salary into this post, but I wanted you to get the full picture of how I saved up. I’m not going to lie, this salary definitely helped, but San Francisco is still an expensive city, so I still had to make a budget and focus on my priority of long-term travel. If you’re looking at this and thinking “Well shit, I don’t make that much money so I can’t save that up” then you’re incorrect! (I’m saying that in the nicest way).

I met tons of people who were making way less money than me when they started saving and ended up traveling the world longer than me. It really all depends on your dedication to saving and your priorities! But, like I mentioned above, you don’t need $35K to do what I did. You can do it on far less! Honestly, I’d say the sweet spot is somewhere between $15-$25K.

Sailing the San Francisco Bay5. I figured out my monthly expenses and where I could cut back.

I looked at what the bare minimum I needed to live on was after looking at my expenses per month. Then I gave myself a cushion to make sure my life didn’t completely suck…haha. Then I put the difference into my new travel account (next step).

6. I set up a new bank account called “My RTW Trip” in my Wells Fargo and watched it religiously.

After setting up this account I got serious about saving.  I would transfer any extra money I had for the month into this account and could slowly see it start to add up. My rule for this account was that I could never touch it or take out of it.  It was easy to have it in the same bank as my checking because I could easily transfer money over from my checking into this account.

7. I set up a payment system and auto deposit.

This was key to my saving goal! I got paid twice a month and each time I got paid I set my bank account up so that it automatically transferred $250 out of my checking to my savings. This was nice because I didn’t necessarily notice it was missing and it was a great hands-off way to save. I just pretended like my paycheck was $250 less each month. I also have my bank set up so that everything I buy on my debit card will add a $1 to it and that $1 will go into my savings. So if I bought something that was $5.25 it would charge $6.25 and put the extra dollar in savings. This is a small thing, but it over time it actually helped!


8. I stopped buying new clothes for a LONG TIME!

So I kind of told myself in the first year of saving that I would cut back on shopping which I ended up doing, but then once I was about a year out of finally getting to my goal, I stopped buying new clothes altogether. Yes, I would sometimes get a new item if it was cheap, but mostly I cut back on new clothes and accessories. This saved me a TON of money. Plus, I knew I wouldn’t be able to bring all of these new clothing pieces with me traveling anyway so it wasn’t as hard as it would have been had I not had a big trip planned in my future.

9. I took a few steps to simplify my life.

Besides not shopping for clothes anymore, I did a few other things to simplify my life. One big one was cutting back on eating out and learning to cook at home instead. In SF there are always new restaurants popping up that you HAVE to go try, or old ones you want to go back to cause they are awesome. If you get a drink and food at most places in SF you’re probably looking at spending $50+ per person. I really tried to cut out how often I was eating out and I honestly think this helped a lot.

I also cut back on going to get my morning avocado toast and juice that I was obsessed with. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but that was my equivalent to cutting out my daily coffee. Going out drinking is another big thing in San Francisco and I used to go out 2-3x a week including happy hours! This got super costly, so I cut back to going out only 1 or 2x a week and pre-gaming my big nights out more at my apartment.

I cut back on getting my nails done, cut my gym membership and stopped getting my hair done as well. I would get my nails done religiously every 2 weeks and started to do my own instead. It sucked but getting my nails done twice ($100) allowed me to live a few extra days abroad. Same with getting my hair done!

10. I got clear about my priorities.

Everyone’s got different priorities, but mine is TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL. I’d have friends who would go blow $500 on a few new outfits one weekend, but I’d never do that cause I knew $500 could buy me a roundtrip flight to Europe! Once I started focusing on travel being my top priority it made saving that much easier.

Vang Vieng, Laos

11. I planned to travel to cheap-ish places.

When I made my original travel budget, I first tried to figure out where I wanted to travel. I quickly realized that I needed to go to cheap places if I wanted my money to last. I mixed up my trip with Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and I’d say I did about 70% cheap countries and 30% expensive. Here’s what I spent after 3 months in Europe!

12. I sold all of my stuff.

Yes, right before I left I sold all of my furniture, my bedding, some clothes, my DSLR camera and anything else I thought I could make money from.

13. Think positive.

I don’t want to get all hippy-dippy on you all, but I do strongly believe in the power of the mind and positive thinking. I’ve read many books about attracting what you want and manifesting it into your life. For this particular trip and for getting the money I needed, I visualized my trip a lot in my mind, I pictured having the money in my bank account, and I pictured myself traveling to all of these countries.

On the last day before my trip I was so close to my goal of $35K, but still $1,000 short. Then, I got $1,000 from an unexpected source on the last day! Many of you may think this is just a coincidence, but I’m telling you, thinking positive is powerful! Again sorry if you think I’m a loony bin and disagree with me, but I wanted to be honest with you all about how I believe I got to this point. Here are some books that made me get more into the positive thinking mode about money in case you’re even a bit interested.  The Secret, You Are a Badass, Big Magic,  The Law of Attraction, Think and Grow Rich, Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health and Happiness,


Okay, guys! That’s how I did it and I’m really hoping it helps any of you trying to do this same thing! I’d love to hear how you budget for your travels and if you have any great tips, because I’m currently saving again and could use more tips to try!

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What is the best place to visit in this Independent Day!

Independent Day is here and we are all ready to pack up our bags and go on vacation. We love this season, don’t we? Busy shopping markets, heavily lit places with lightings, Independent Day based theme food and many more, gives us a great joy. Have thought about visiting Chicago this season? Look up for travel agency Chicago, which can help you to travel blissfully.

There are many beautiful tourist spots to visit during Independent Day in Chicago. People from all over the world bundle up to enjoy the best nights of their lives. From fine dine to museums you can visit them all in this holiday season. The list is mentioned below-


Image Credit: Utah’s Hogle Zoo

You can enjoy fun slides, see snow carvings and maybe can get to see few animals only at Lincoln Park Zoo. You can beat the cold by having warm drinks with snacks here. You can enjoy with Santa Claus and 3D displays. Visit this fest and get a chance to meet you favourite cartoon character in this light festival by booking your vacation at travel agency in Chicago.


Image Credit:

As the holiday season is about to begin there are many exciting things you have to be part of if you are in Chicago. You can be part of thanksgiving parades before the Independent Day.

Washington Park-

Washington Park
Image Credit:

To be a part of Independent Day celebration, visit this park to see the firecrackers sore in the sky and get an amazing live experience. It is one of the largest parks located in Chicago.

Garfield Park Conservatory-

Garfield Park Conservatory
Image Credit:

Located in central park of Chicago, this is one of the best tourist attractions which is referred as “Landscape art under grass”. You will find thousands of plant species which will definitely make you forget about the city life.

Art Institute of Chicago-

Art Institute of Chicago
Image Credit:

If you are an art love then trust me you will love to visit this famous art gallery. It is an oldest and largest museum in the United States, consists jewelry, decor and books made by various artists.

You haven’t experienced Independent Day in Chicago unless you have visited these above listed places. You can visit many tourist spots by choosing best travel agency Chicago.

9 Secrets to Travel for Free

Before you actually book a trip, I’m sure the very IDEA  makes your bank account scream.

It’ll be so expensive after all…right?

It’s completely understandable to feel that way. The travel industry is a business. If you think twice before spending your hard earned money toward on an overpriced trip, you’re not alone.

However, travel does not always have to be expensive, it actually can be FREE and I’ll give you 9 secrets to get around the unnecessary travel expenses.


9 Secrets to Travel for Free

1. Rent a Car for FREE

Rental Cars are expensive to say the least.

I typically use to compare prices to find the best deals but if you’re a flexible with your travels, you can rental a car completely FREE. So, rental car companies transport rental cars from state to state and relay on drivers who are willing to make the drive. They get the benefit of not paying someone to do it and you get the benefit of having a FREE rental car. So it’s a win-win.

This is called relocation and you can click here to check out cars.

2.Take a cruise for (almost) FREE

Similar to how Rental Cars need to be transported, some cruise ships do as well. Although, when cruises do this, they aren’t completely free but you can find some deals that come close to it.

This way of traveling is called cruise repositioning. You can find drastically lower rates but you just have to be flexible on dates. Make sure to use trusted websites when looking for cruise repositioning.

3.FREE housing via house sitting

House sitting is an amazing way to live in a free residence anywhere in the world. Most house sitting opportunities  require registration for a website and building up a positive profile.

It takes a little while to find the house sitting site that will work for you so do your research.

4.Rent an RV for (close to ) FREE

How about combining free travel and free housing into one and Rent an RV for FREE.

This process is very similar to cars in the sense that RVs must be transported as well and in order to do this there must be drivers willing to do this. Search for this by searching RV relocations.

5.FREE Housing via pet sitting

Are you a pet person but can’t take your pets on you travels?  Well you’re not a lone. Other’s who travel without their pets will pay for someone to stay in their home and care for their furry loved ones.

You can take advantage of this opportunity but turning it into a travel experience. Check out some pet sitting opportunities here.

6.Credit Card points

Utilize credit card award points like those offered with chase sapphire. They provided 50,000 point after spending $4,000 in the first few months.

You can get around this

by using your credit care on expenses for family and friends and having him/her pay you back directly. Get to the credit limit faster and get the points as soon as possible.


Everyone has a different reason for traveling.

If volunteering is a big reason for you to travel,

there are many amazing opportunities to see the world by volunteering which include NGO and Peace core  among others.

8.Digital Nomad

May professional careers are in the digital Industries. Many of which include software developers, online marketing specialist, Online coaches. Among others. Checkout a complete list here of digital Nomad side hustle jobs.


Do you enjoy writing about something you are considered an expert in. Being a blogger allows you to have the flexibility of traveling while providing an income. If you need help with starting a blog from scratch click here.

If you need help with making a profit on you blog click here.

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Best Places in Economic Capital of India

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and it is also known as the city of dreams as it is the home to the Indian film industry. The city can bestow one with varied experiences. There are many places one can visit in this city.

Places to Visit

  1. Marine Drive
Marine Drive
Image Credit:

Marine drive is the road in arch shaped which is 3km road from the northern part of Nariman point to the Chowpatty beach. The road is along the sea coast and it is the best place for enjoying a beautiful sunset in Mumbai.

  1. Gateway of India
Gateway of India
Image Credit:

It is one of the popular monuments in Mumbai. It was built in 1924. It has become a major tourist hub in the city. It is located at the Appolo Bunder Waterfront. It overlooks Arabian Sea and so the spot can provide you another spending view.

  1. Juhu Beach
Juhu Beach
Image Credit:

It is one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai. The beach is so much crowded with tourists that you can just walk around and enjoy a sunset here.

  1. Haji Ali Dargah
Haji Ali Dargah
Image Credit:

It is the shrine of Haji Ali which is situated at the backdrop of sea. Haji Ali was a wealthy merchant, who later turned to Muslim Sufi. This is a holy place visited by people of all religions in seeking blessings.

  1. Siddhivinayak Temple
Siddhivinayak Temple
Image Credit:

Siddhivinayak is the Lord Ganesh temple which is located in Prabhadevi. It is one of the important temples that one can find in Mumbai. The temple was built in 1801by Deubai Patil and Laxman Vithu. It is the richest temple that has got so many examples of extraordinary art works.

  1. Girgaum Chowpatty
Girgaum Chowpatty
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It is a sandy beach which is comparatively smaller and is the best place to hangout. It is at northern side of Marine drive. The street food stalls here are worth a try.

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